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AVOID LOW SLOPE ROOFS -- 50% of all building system lawsuits involve low slope roofs

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Commercial Retail Store Restaurant Industrial Warehouse Church Fellowship Hall Mini-warehouse School Residential Office Building Bank Auto Garage Hotel/Motel Medical Center Home Christian Sanctuary Classroom Gymnasium Life Center Manufacturing Hanger Strip Mall Senior Center Shopping Center Agriculture Horse Barn Convention Center Restaurant Recreation Center Facility House Civic Center Institutional Building Riding Arena Self Storage Church Shopping Center Trucking Terminal Equipment Repair Shop Storage Shed

SteelLite Metal Building Company provides steel sheeting in several styles and many different colors including bare galvalume. All of our colors are available with a 40 year warranty. We also offer multiple colors in a 15 year warranty and a no warranty. We also offer bare galvalume in no warranty. We produce many standard trims for all your metal building needs and we can make custom trim pieces to fit our customer's exact needs. If our trim sheet does not contain a particular piece of trim you are looking for, feel free to contact us. .

Premium Rib is a low rib steel panel which provides durable performance with an added striation on top of the rib that gives it even more strength. The panel lap features an anti-siphon lap to prevent water penetration without using messy sealants. Premium Rib gives light commercial projects, residential roofs, as well as agricultural buildings an attractive appearance with the protection of steel. Most commonly in 29 ga. high strength steel, Premium rib is also available in 26 ga. Recommended for roof with slopes of 3:12 or greater.  Click here to see colors available.

Hi-Rib is a medium rib panel designed for performance with lower slope roofs or  longer spans. This 26 gauge commercial panel is an excellent choice for projects that require commercial grade. Hi-Hib is available with an added purlin bearing leg for easier installation and a more pleasing appearance. Premium Rib is the choice for rigid frame commercial projects where the sheeting supports are spaced up to farther apart and can be used on roofs with slopes as low as 1:12 with a lap sealant. Click here to see colors available.
  Other configuration: 5-V
  Other configuration: Corrugated
  Other configuration: Standing Seam with clips
  Other configuration: Standing Seam, screw down
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