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Product Tip
AVOID LOW SLOPE ROOFS -- 90% of all warranty expenditures are for low slope roof leaks

Consider SteelLite Metal Buildings for:
Commercial Retail Store Restaurant Industrial Warehouse Church Fellowship Hall Mini-warehouse School Residential Office Building Bank Auto Garage Hotel/Motel Medical Center Home Christian Sanctuary Classroom Gymnasium Life Center Manufacturing Hanger Strip Mall Senior Center Shopping Center Agriculture Horse Barn Convention Center Restaurant Recreation Center Facility House Civic Center Institutional Building Riding Arena Self Storage Church Shopping Center Trucking Terminal Equipment Repair Shop Storage Shed


►4:12 roof slope - Steeper roofs get rain and snow off the building faster, and promote constant air flow to prevent condensation. Deal with rain and snow on the ground, not on your roof.
►Greater Floor Area - slender walls provide greater floor area because they are a uniform thickness. Our innovative design doesn’t require the use of the bulky columns typically found in metal buildings. Those columns steal precious corridor space and room area.
►Less Concrete - Light weight design means foundation loads are reduced because roof and wall loads are uniformly distributed. Because of the truss design there are no "kickout" forces to contend with. The result - LESS CONCRETE REQUIRED!
►Lower Energy Costs - In a SteelLite metal building the insulation is not compressed, which causes it to be ineffective. While other metal building companies talk about R7 to R11, SteelLite builders easily achieve R38. You or your customers will love the increased comfort and long-term savings.
►Interior Finish Ready - With SteelLite framing, interior walls and ceiling are ready for installation of conventional finishes like sheetrock or paneling installed over 1 1/2" furring strips. No need to frame another wall within the structural wall.
►Flexible Opening Location - Since you don't have to dodge large columns, you can locate openings wherever you need.
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